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Psychiatry Overview:

The department of psychiatry has been actively involved in patient care & public awareness regarding mental health.

Staffs include qualified psychiatrists, clinical psychologist & clinical assistant supported by clerk, attender, striving for quality care as a team.

Equipped with latest equipments as ECT machine (EEG monitored), ECG machine and psychometric and psycho diagnostic scales & questionnaires.

The Department has 4 Consultation rooms
ECT Room
ECG Room
Seminar room of capacity to accommodate 30-35 attendants
Well updated departmental library
Specialty service as De addiction, child psychiatry, Geriatric psychiatry MR clinic are conducted on week days. The consultants attend regularly to references from other Medical and surgical specialties for patient assessment and management.
This dept. gives consultation service for students in stress, Depression & onco counselling & regular psychological counselling, Bio-feed back, J.P.M.R & other relaxation therapy, I.Q. testing & child guidance clinics plus psychiatry

:: SSIMS & RC, Davangere ::