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  • Delegate in 61st and 62 nd IRIA, National Annual Conference held at Bangloore 2008 and. Patna 2009
  • Delegate in 43th and 35 th IRIA, State Annual Conference held at NIGRIMS,Shillong and Meghalaya in 2008 and Guwahati in 2009.
  • Presentedd Paper on "MRI Evaluation of knee" at 62 nd IRIA,National Annual Conference at Patna in 2009.
  • Poster presentation: A rare case of "Multilocular Cystic Nephroma".
  • Participated in Clinico-Radilogical Seminar, Case discussion involving Paediatric Surgery, Urology, Neurology and Neurosurgery At GMCH.
  • CME at Sri Satya Sai institute of Mediacal sciences and superspeciality Hospital, White field,Banglooree.Imaging of Hea and Neck/Imaging of GIT/Role of MRI In Hepatic lesions/Quick review of 100 chest cases.
  • CME at Teleradiolgy solutions-MSK imaging by US faculty, Hepatobiliary system-by Indian and renowed faculty.
  • Fetal intracranial calcification:Pseudo-TORCH phenotype and discussion of related phenotype, AJMG.Vol.152A,number4,April2010. Authors-Akhil Muralidhar kulkarni,Shankar Baskar,Muralidhar Laxmanarao Kulkarni,Abhishek Jayateerth kulkarani,Amit Vasanth Mahuli,Suhasini vittalrao, Preethi Muralidar Kulkarni.
  • Adams-Oliver syndrome:Additions to the clinical features and possible role of BMP Path way. AjMG.vol149 A, number8,August2009. ors-Baskar s,Kulkarni ML, Kulkarni Am, Vittalarao S, Kulkarini PM.
  • Thin fat Phenotype in newborns. IJP 2009 April. Authors-M.L.Kulkarni, H.P.S. Mythri and Akhil M.Kulkarni.
  • Baseline widal titres in healthy children.IJP2007 dec. Authors-Patil AM, Kulkarni ML, Kulkarni AM.
  • Kallmanns syndrome.IJP 2007 Dec. Authors-M.L. Kulkarni, M.D. Balaji, Akhil M.Kulkarni, S.Suanthsh and Bhagyavathi M.kulkarni..
  • Absence of whartons jelly around the umbilical arteries.IJP2007 Aug. Authors-M.L. Kulkarini, Praksah S.Matadh, C.Ashok, N.Pradeep, T.Avinash and Akhil M.kulkarni.
  • A Case report of tracheal bronchus.RGUHS journal.
  • “Spondyloepiphyseal Dysplasia tarda with progressive Arthropathy”: In 3 siblings with unusual association.RGUHS Journal.
  • Cardic rhbdomyosarcoma a clue to diagnosis of tuberous sclerosis-RGUHS journal.
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