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Psychiatry Training Programmes:

Dr.Rajeev S Swamy

  • Co-author in “ Study of Emotional Intelligence & Empathy in post graduate medical students” as award paper in ‘Bhagwat A ward’ category in ANCIPS, 2009 at Agra.

  • Principal author “ Cognition: Interface between dementia & depression” presented for annual IAGMH Best paper award in Indian Journal of Geriatric mental health
  • Co Investigator in Multi-centric double blinded Drug Trial involving anti depressant medications.
  • Other experience
  • Started and maintained Indoor Patient department at Govt. Medical college. Miraj
  • Teaching , both clinical and lectures, to undergraduates medical (MBBS) and nursing hospital.
  • Experience in ‘ Child Psychiatry’ ( including learning disability & management of children with autism) at Nair hospital ( ISO Certified), Mumbai.
  • Workshops conducted
  • Conducted workshops on ‘ Stress management’ for employees of Mumbai municipal corporation(MMC)
  • Conducted ‘ Communication skills’ workshops for nair hospital staff. Conferences & workshops attended
  • Midterm CME on “ Forensic psychiatry (legal aspects)” at Chennai.
  • Annual national conference of Indian psychiatric society, Agra
  • Workshop on “ How to take workshop in suicide prevention for teachers” organized by Bombay psychiatric society(BPS)
  • Workshop on “ Geriatric Psychitry” organized by psychiatry dept. Nair hospital Mumbai
  • Workshops on “ Learning disability ‘ & “Emotional intelligence’ in ANCIPS.
  • Participated in debate on topic “ Guidelines on psychiatry: for & against’ organized by BPS.
Dr. Shashidhar H.N
  • Harihara SN , Thirthalli J, Gangadhar BN. Neurosyphilis presenting as schizophrenia: a case report. KANCIPS conference 2009
  • Harihara SN, Vishwanath B, Thirthlli J, Gangadhar BN Battery for ECT related cognitive deficits: Development and validation. ANCIPS conference 2011
  • Harihara SN, Singh H, Reddi S, Chaturvedi SK, Chandra PS. Quality of prescriptions in a psychiatry in-patient setting : a clinical audit. ANCIPS conference 2012
  • Jayaram N, Palaniyappa P, Harihara SN,John JP. Comnination of clozapine & modafinil for the management of negative symptoms of schizophrenia. Poster presentation, NIMRCPsycon 2010- A Joint conference of national institute of mental health & Neurosciences and Royal college of Psychiatrists, United Kingdom at Bangalore India.
  • Nitturkar A Thirthalli, J., Harihara SN bagewadi, V., Mathpati, S., Divya sree, Naveen Kumar C Gangadhar B.N(2012 sept). Electrical threshold for seizures during bilateral ECT: The effects of age & Anticonvulsant medication. Poster presented at:22nd annual conference of Indian Psychiatric society- Karnataka branch KANCIPS-2012); Mangalore India.
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