Bio Chemistry CME: 2010

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CME was conducted on Satuardy 5th July. 2008 organised by Dept. of Biochemistry SSIMS& RC, Davangere

Topic:     "Inborn Errors of Metabolism & Applications of Protocols"
5th July 2008
Speech:Dr.Subhash Professor & Head, Dept of Neurochemistry, NIMHANS, Bangalore

Topic:     "Inborn Errors Of Metabolism"
5th July 2008
Speech:Dr. Mahesh Kamte Consultant in Pediatric Neuroligy, JNMC, Belgaum

Topic:     "Clinical Approach to in Born Errors of Metabolic Diseases"
5th July 2008
Speech:Dr. Shivaraje Gowda, Assoc, Prof., of Biochemistry JNMC, Belagum

Topic:     "Mutations & Polymorphisms of IEM"
5th July 2008

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