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Citizen Charter

S.S. Institute of Medical Sciences and Research Centre was conceptualized in 2001 with a view to provide comprehensive hi-quality medical facilities to the rural population at an affordable cost. This motto has been successfully achieved since the hospital started functioning from 2002, to provide educational experience to students who can take up responsibility as physicians of first contact, actively promoting and preserving the highest standards of quality and ethical values in patient care, education, training, research and stay socially meaningful in propagating health sciences to humanity.

The medical school was established in August 2006. - With consensus and permission from State and central Government. The institute is spread over a vast area of 130 acres of land on the National Highway No - 4 with focus on providing students with an environment that helps learning and imbibing positive value system. The institute has requisite infrastructure and faculty to adequately cater to the health needs of society. The Institute is affiliated to Rajiv Gandhi University of Health Sciences and the Degree (M.B.B.S.) awarded to students trained in the institute is recognized by Medical Council of India, New Delhi (ref no MCI-34(41)/2010-MED./72961 dtd. 04.03.2011 ) This infant institute has already made an excellent beginning by hosting a series of CME programmes besides conducting several state and national level conferences.

SSIMS aims to provide comprehensive hi-tech medical facilities which benefit-the rural population

SSIMS is dedicated to the wellbeing of the forming community with this in mind, SSIMS has conceived and is prepared to provide medical insurance to formers and their families

SSIMS seeks to bring the whole of central Karnataka under a quality oriented healthcare umbrella.

It will provide unparalleled health care and open new roads into super Speciality medical areas like cardiothoracic, urology and neurosurgery, all at costs cheaper than the prevailing market rates.

SSIMS will introduce telemedicine and open centers for telemedicine in all the rural headquarters of central Karnataka.

Trauma Centers will be opened to facilitate quick and efficient medical access every 100 kilometers on the National Highway.

SSIMS will connect all rural health center in and around Davangere and provide them will all required medical aids.

SSIMS will arrange for various camps at all rural centers dedicated to pressing health care concerns.

A sound platform will be provided for young, upcoming doctors in the field of R&D

SSIMS will create an excellent diagnostic center by equipping the laboratory and radio diagnosis center with cutting edge medical equipment.

SSIMS plans to arrange visits by experts in different fields of medicine to enhance and update the knowledge of its students.

With these considerations in mind, our motto is "SOLUTIONS FOR BETTER LIVING WITHIN YOUR REACH"

  • To provide need based health care to all sections of the population. Continuous efforts are being made to meet the new challenges of medical diagnosis and treatment
  • To establish super Speciality health care to changing patterns of disease which would also orientate the students to modern technologies.
  • To prepare students in knowledge, skills and attitudes required for the humanitarian and altruistic practice of medicine.
  • To promote excellence in health care through research and post graduate training.
  • The school is preparing to extend the facility to train Foreign Nationals in Basic and speciality Health care.
  • Modern hostel facilities to meet international standards so as to provide favourable atmosphere for learning and training.
  • To provide full-fledged E-learning and telemedicine

General Objectives

At the end of the training Period the students should be able

  • To recognize health for all as a national goal.
  • To understand the importance of National health policies and implement them.
  • To Develop skills and level of competence to practice Medicine in Preventive, Curative and rehabilitative aspects of common health aliments.
  • To make students competent in diagnosis and management of common Medical problems.
  • To implement and practice community health and understand disease in its Natural settings.
  • To develop the attitude to seek further expertise and to perceive research in chosen areas.
  • To enable students to work under variety of Health Care settings.
  • To develop personal integrity, responsibility and concern for fellow Human beings


1. Patient interest is fundamental:
The interest concern and wellbeing of the patient is fundamental and overrides the interest concern and wellbeing of the organization and its members

2. Participative:
A. Organizational: each team member has an opportunity to share their perspectives, voice their ideas and contribute their skills to improve team effectiveness and achieve organizational objectives
B. Patient: the patient is to be involved through explanation and education about his condition and the therapeutic options available and thus make the treatment decisions more acceptable and effective. An effort should be made to elicit patient values and preferences and integrate these into clinical decision making.

3. Transparency:
Being open allowing free and unfettered communication and acting with a sense of responsibility towards the patient and society, disclosure of all significant findings in the patient's record to facilitate cross consultation.

4. Sincerity:
All actions are to be informed with a purity of intention and should serve best the interest of the patient.

5. Sympathetic regard:
All actions towards the patient are to done with empathy, careful thought and deliberation for their appropriateness and relevance to the patient's need and state of health, and with sympathetic consideration and humane feeling

6. Education:
The well informed patient accepts best the suggested treatment and its side effects. Professional competence: all members are to give out their best and the eye care practitioners are to constantly upgrade their knowledge and skills.

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