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Community Medicine Overview:

Socially responsible medical practices are the need of the hour, especially for a country like ours. Taking the ‘art of healing’ to far flung rural communities, is a science, that calls for utmost dedication and a zeal to serve.

At SSIMS&RC, the Department of Community Medicine is headed by highly experienced, dedicated and committed Community Medicine specialist. It has the finest of facilities, a well stocked library and an excellent museum.

The academic programmes of this department is tailored to inculcate a Research culture and prepare medical graduates for the ‘world class competence’ in Public Health.

It has a very large ‘store house of knowledge’ comprising of 146 medical books in the Departmental library and charts & models displayed in the museum, having a seating capacity of 75 students.

The Institution has adopted 3 Rural Health Centres and one Urban Health Centre for delivering comprehensive health care and specialist facilities in all disciplines of Medicine, to each and every individual residing in the defined geographical area, besides offering holistic approach in teaching curriculum.

School children‘s health check up has don under “Suverna Aroghya Yojana” – covering 4600 students in the Lokikere PHC area. Health education given at Urban family welfare centre Bashanagar, Davangere on tuberculosis and HIV infection and their prevention to the group of 80 patients

Our college has adopted primary health centre at Lokikere, and is providing day to day medical services and conducting regular health check up to all the antenatal cases, Postnatal, pediatrics cases and regular immunization has carried out by our expert medical staff

Hepatitis- B vaccination has given to all the medical students and nursing staff of our college regularly under community medicine supervision.

WHO Day – 1000 cities – 1000lives has celebrated at the Community Medicine lecturer hall on 7th April 2010. The participant were our medical students.

Swine flue (H1N1) awareness programme and health education has given to all the students in January 2010 at Lokikere PHC schools covering 4600 students.

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