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  • Penetrating Abdominal Trauma Role of Laparoscopy procedure for Diagnosis and Treatment,Dr. Veerendra Swamy.S.M. Asso.Professor Dept. Of Gen. Surgery INTERNATIONAL PUBLICATIONS 1) “Abdominal VS Perineal Procedure for the Rectal Prolapse: A Comparative study. 2) Indian Journal of Clinical Practice “ Esophageal changes in oral submucous fibrosis using fiber – optic endoscopy
  • Research Topic: (on going) 1) “An open label, comparative, multicentric study to evaluate efficacy and safty of liducaine lozenges vs local lidocaine spray in patients undergoing diagnostic Gastro – Duodenal Endoscopy” National Journal: Indian Journal of public Health. 1. Double Blinded Randomised controlled Trial Comparing Lidocaine Lozenges and Lidocane Viscous Prior to Upper Gastrointestinal Endoscopy. 2. A Study of Carcinoma of Breast in Young Females at Davangere – A Retros
  • Research Topic: “Study of Surgical out come of Congenital Ureteric Junction Obstruction “. 3.INTERNATIONAL PUBLICATIONS. 1) “Prospective Study on ‘VATS’ (Vedio assisted Thoracoscopic Surgery) “ 4.NATIONAL PUBLICATIONS. 1)“Prospective Study on ‘VATS’ (Vedio assisted Thoracoscopic Surgery) “ International Laparoscopy Journal ,Dr. Manjunath.L Asst.Professor Gen. Surgery.With Ped. Surg. Incharge.
  • Research Topic: (on going) a) Comparative study between Lightweight Mesh and standard prolene Mesh in Lichtenstein Hernia Repair b) Shaving Versus Chemical Depilation for Per – Operative skin Preparation. National Journal: Indian Journal a)“Clinical Profile of Peritonitis” b) Fibroadenoma in Unusual Site - New Indian Journal of Surgery -Vol: 1 oct-Dec-2010, Page.No:7-12, Page:No:29-34 c) “No Antibiotics Versus Pre – Operative Prophylactic antibiotics in Cleon and Elective Sur
  • SSIMS & RC. Davangere. 1. Per Cuteneons Suspension Brow Lift American Journal of Cosmatic Surgeon Volume – 25, Page-No-34-38, 2008 2. Isolation of Bacteriophages for MRSA obtained from Diabetic foot – A Possible Treatment option in infections. International Journal of Bio technology and Biochemistry International Journal. ,Dr. Nitin Bandekar., Asso. Professor,
  • National Journal: Indian Journal 1. Anesthesia Consultion in Large Volume. Lipoplasty. AESTHETIC Surgery Journal Volume – 27, Page. No-607 to 611, Year - 2007 2. Isolation of Bacteriophages to Multi – drug resistant Enterococci obtained from diabetic foot: a novel antimicrobial agent waiting in the Shelf ? Indian Journal of Pathology and Microbiology – 54(1) Jan-March-2011, Page-90-95
  • National Journal: Indian Journal Dr. Basavaraj Karepagol, Asst.Professor, Dept. Gen.Surgery. SSIMS & RC. Davangere. A Case of Strangulated internal Hernia in to Right Broad Ligament. In Indian Journal of Surgery, National Dr. Linganagouda.S.Patil
  • Research Topic: (on going) 1) Clinical presentation and management of urological complication of advanced carcinoma cervix. 2) Neglected cases of advanced breast carcinoma 3) Clinicak profile of borderline ovarian tumors 4) Feasibility of cervical cancer screening among lambani women in a community based screening study involving about 5000 lambani women.
  • Major recent publication International: 1) cutaneous metastasis of cervical cancer,Nepal journal of obstetrics & gynaecology. Nov-dec: 5(2):14-16 ------1st author. 2) clinical study and outcome of polycystic ovarian syndrome,Nepal journal of obstetrics& gynaecology. May0june:6(1):22-27---------2nd author National: 3) significance of an inflammatory smear in the evaluation of cervical smears at a low resource settings,journal medical reseach and practice,jan 2012,1(1)-----2nd a
  • Publication and Presentations • Metabolic Acidosis induced by cetrimide – Chlorhexidine solution in hydatid cyst surgery. Indian J Gastroenterology, 1996: 15(3) • Prognostic factors in patients with obstructive jaundice undergoing Surgery Paper presented at South zone conference of A.S.I. in Trivandrum, February – 1995. • Craniopharyngiomas – Continuing controversies- Paper presented at National conference of N.S.I. in Trivandrum, December – 1998 • Choroid ple
  • Dr. MD. Shakeel.Publication and Presentations: • “Feasibility and out come of Pronimal catheter ileostorny – A pilot study” Saudi J Gasteroenterolopy, 2011 July-Aug, 17(4), 271-276 • “Prevolume of HIV Hepatitis-B, Hepatitis-C and Associated risk factors in patients under going Elective surgery” Pre-operative study Indian journal of public health and research, Accepted for Publication
  • NATIONAL PAPERS PRESENTED Dr. Jyothi.S. Karegoudar, Asso.Professor Dept.ofGen.Surgery.SSIMS & RC. DVG. “Fibroadenoma in Unusual Site” KSC-ASICON - 28th Annual Conference. 2010, Conferences & Workshops 1. 9th National Surgical Gastroenterology Update 2010, Single Theme Live. 2. KSC – ASCICON – 2010. Karnatak State Chapter –
  • Dr. Manjunath.K.N, Asst.Professor, Dept. Gen.Surgery. SSIMS & RC. Davangere. 1. Secondary clef Lip Nose Defornity – Importance of Columellar Lengthening. State Conference, February - 2009 2. Steriolithwgraply – An useful tool in Maxilla and Mandible Reconstruction National Conference, September – 2009
  • Dr. Sunil.S.Byadgi, Asso. Professor, Dept. of Gen. Surgery. SSIMS & RC. Davangere 1. Rare gastrointestinal Malignancies- ASI-KSC ASICON held BANGALORE, FEB 2009 4 Excision of A Neck Mass- Vidyaranya Video Presentation ASI-KSC ASICON held at BIJAPUR, FEB 2011
  • Poster Presentation Dr. Veerendra Swamy.S.M., Professor, Dept. of Gen. Surgery SSIMS & RC. Davangere Rectal Prolapse Perineal Procedures, A Comparative Study Internal Conference – AFCP – Goa, at 2009
  • Acute Fulminant Amebic Colitis - A Case Report, N Shilpa, P Shashikala, A Manjula, Veerendra swamy. Department of Pathology, Depratment of Surgery, S.S. Institute of Medical Sciebces and Research Center, Davangere-577005, J Pub Health Med Res, 2013;1(2) 104-105
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