Microbiology CME: 2008

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The Department conducted a CME in Microbiology, with the theme “SUPERBUGS V/S WONDERDRUGS” on 12th July 2008. The guest lectures were delivered by

  • Dr. G.S. Vijay Kumar, Professor & HOD of Microbiology, JSS medical college, Mysore on the topic “Antibiotic policy in teaching hospital”
  • Dr. H. Srinivasa, Professor & HOD of Microbiology, St. Johns Medical College, Bangalore on the topic “Nosocomial infection"
  • Dr. A.R.Hanumanthappa, Professor of Microbiology, JJM medical college, Davangere on the topic “ MRSA”
  • Dr. K.G.Basavarajappa, Professor & HOD of Microbiology, SSIMSRC, Davangere on the topic “ Drug resistance in bacteria-An overview”
More than 300 delegates, PG students, nursing students attended the CME

The images of the CME are shown below, click on any image for slideshow

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