Microbiology CME: 2010

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A NATIONAL MICROBIOLOGY CME & WORKSHOP on EMERGING INFECTIOUS DISEASES was conduced by Department of Microbiology on 9th October 2010.

The key note address of CME was given Dr.K.G.Basavarajappa Professor & HOD Department of Microbiology. He gave a brief account of various emerging infections, its prevalence, risk factors, and its control.

The first guest speaker was Dr.C.S.Patil Principal, SN Medical College, Bagalkot. He spoke on emerging bacterial infections with main reference to tuberculosis and malaria

Dr. M.B. Nagamoti Professor, Department of Microbiology JN Medical college, Belgaum he emphasized role various viruses causing emerging and reemerging infections.

The National CME was enriched with Hands on Training on Rapid Serological tests by SD BIO STANDARD DIAGNOSTICS (P) LTD to all post graduate delegates who has come from all over Karnataka.

The images of the CME are shown below, click on any image for slideshow

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