Microbiology CME: 2011

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Research is an integral part of the vision and the mission of S.S. Institute of Medical Sciences and Research Centre. Research at the institution has been oriented to areas of need and emphasizes application of knowledge to relevant problems. The inculcation of an attitude of inquiry, acquisition of knowledge of the mechanisms of research and the conduct of research, at various levels of involvement in health care, are encouraged in faculty and students.

Research is the key to excellence in academic medicine, but the conduct research is frequently misunderstood as requiring both skills and resources not available to the practicing clinician. Defining research as a systemic investigation in order to contribute to generalizable knowledge makes it clear that research can be conducted in any environment and with minimal resources.

In the continuation of the vision of SSIMSRC, Department of Microbiology is conducting National CME and workshop on Role of molecular techniques in the diagnosis of infectious diseases.

Improvements in diagnosis, treatment and prevention of infectious diseases and cancer are closely lined to the development of state-of-the art techniques and the future progress of infectious diseases research. The dissemination of information about current and future techniques and infectious diseases treatment from the researchers developing the treatments to the physician who treat the patients is crucial in order to ensure advances in infectious diseases and cancer treatment, diagnosis, and prevention.

It is the advances on the cutting edge of translational research that bring about improvements in patient care. Dissemination and exchange of ideas about current and future techniques are imperative to expanding the knowledge base of physicians and thereby, creating a higher standard of care for the patients.

The plenary sessions are designed to describe the latest laboratory breakthroughs in the context of the potential impact on patient care. Topics include advances in molecular epidemiology and workshop on real time PCR for diagnosis of infectious diseases. The invited guest and the topics delivered are as under:

  • Dr.Finn Zedler, Ph, D., Molecular Biologist, QIAGEN, Germany. He spoke on UTILITY OF REAL TIME PCR IN THE DIAGNOSIS OF VIRAL DISEASES.
  • Dr.Anand Monoharan Scientist, Dept. of Medicine & Infectious Diseases CMC, Vellore. He spoke on MOLECULAR METHODS IN THE DIAGNOSIS OF BACTERIAL INFECTIONS.
  • WORKSHOP – Demonstration & Interpretation of HCV & HIV by REAL TIME PCR by Mr.Naresh, Application specialist Manager, QIAGEN.

More than 300 delegates across the country participated.

The images of the CME are shown below, click on any image for slideshow

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