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Microbiology: Minor Projects

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Sl. No. Staff Name Title Funding Agency with Ref. No.
1 Dr. Basavarajappa K G Hurdles in success of DOTS. ICMR (ICMR-STS/KA /BMS/2010-138)
2 Dr. Yogeesha Babu K V Study of carriers of Pseudomonas aeruginosa, Klebsiella spp. and Acinetobacter spp. Among health care workers from intensive care units in a tertiary care hospital.
3 Dr. VinodKumar C S Targeting drug resistant bacteria with bacteriophage ICMR (ICMR-STS/KA /BMS/2009-96)
4 Dr. VinodKumar C S Bacteriophage: An alternative disinfectant ICMR (ICMR-STS/KA /BMS/2010-127)
5 Dr. VinodKumar C S Prevalence of burn wound infections with aerobic and anaerobic bacteria and their antimicrobial susceptibility pattern at tertiary care hospital ICMR (ICMR-STS/KA/BMS/2011-12)
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