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OBJ Projetcs:

Sl. No. Staff Name Title Funding Agency with Ref. No.
1 Dr. Prema Prabhudev Hyperhomocystinemia – as risk fact or for IUGR
2 Dr. Prema Prabhudev BMI and its effect on pregnancy out come – observational study
3 Dr. Prema Prabhudev A Prospective study for the predictions of Pre-eclampsia with urinary calcium level
4 Dr. Prema Prabhudev Vaginal surgeries & High risk pregnancy
5 Dr. Rashmi P.S Clinical study on Pap smear.
6 Dr. Rashmi P.S Study in High Risk pregnancies.
7 Dr. Rashmi A.G Efficacy and safety of Acec lofenac and Drotaverine fixed dose combination in the treatment of primary dysmenorrhoea : A double blind randomised comparison with Aceclofenac.
8 Dr. Vijaykumar. M.M. Prevalence of urological symptoms in pelvic organ prolapse
:: SSIMS & RC, Davangere ::