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Otorhinolaryngology(ENT) CONFERENCE/CME : 2012

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CME – Otorhinolaryngology A state level CME with interactive tutorials for Post graduates was conducted on Radiology Temporal bone, Nose and Paranasal sinuses by department of Otorhinolaryngology on 21st January 2012. 60 post graduate delegates and 25 faculty members from various medical colleges across state had participated in the CME. Dr. Prakash MD from Bangalore Medical College delivered a lecture on Anatomy of the Paranasal sinuses. Dr. Rahul Modi, from Lokamanya Tilak Medical College and General Hospital, Sion, Mumbai, Delivered a lecture on Radiology of Nose and Paranasal sinuses. Indications of CT Paranasal sinuses, How to read a CT scan CT anatomy of the nose and Paranasal sinuses were highlighted in the lecture session. Dr. Kishan Ashok Bhagawat addressed about the radiologists perspective.
These lecture sessions were followed by Interactive tutorials which were moderated by Guest faculty. Post graduates were divided into 12 groups and C T films were given to each group. Group Discussions were moderated by Guest faculty In the interactive sessions groups were asked to prepare a report and read in front of the audience. Guest faculty members encouraged them to read and corrected the mistakes and highlighted some of the important surgical landmarks to be identified by a surgeon before doing a functiona Endoscopic sinus surgery.
Similar lecture sessions on Temporal bone were conducted on temporal bone by Dr. Jyothi Swaroop from Siddartha Medical College, Tumkur, Dr. Kshitij Shah, from Lokamanya Tilak Medical College & General Hospital, Sion, Mumbai, and Dr. Kishan Bhagawath, Consultant Radiologist from SSIMS & RC.
“Teacher of Teachers” Dr. M Shankar Senior ENT surgeon of Davangere was falicitated by ENT fraternities of JJM Medical College and SSIMS & RC during the CME. Principal Dr. P Nagaraj, Dr. M Shankar, Guest Faculty Members and Dr. AM Shivakumar inaugurated CME

The images of the CME are shown below, click on any image for slideshow

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