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Paediatrics Training Programmes:

Dr.N.K.Kalappanavar, Medical Director, Prof & Head.

Participated as faculty during bronchoscopy workshop on 3rd Jan’ 2018 at Nagapur delivered talk on BAL.

Delivared talk on “Emergency room evaluation of respiratory distress child” during PEDICON 2018 at Nagapur on 6th Jan’ 2018.

3Participated in members of BOS meeting held at KLE University Belgaum on 27th Feb’ 2018.

4Participated in Bangalore Pedicon 18th as faculty and discussed on “Approach to recurrent & persistent Pneumonia” 7th & 8th June -2018.

Participated in TOT training at Mumbai “STRIDE” IAP module on 16th June 2018.

Participated as faculty during state Pedicriticon 2018 Raichur on 24th June 2018, Delivered talk on “Approach to respiratory distress” in ER.

Attended BOS meeting at KLE University Belgaum on 28th August 2018.

Attended as faculty during KARRESPICON. Hospet on 25th & 26th August 2018. Delivered talk on “Respiratory diseases in emergency room”.

Attended national IYCF conference at Belgaum held on 1st & 2nd Sept’ 2018. Delivered talk on hypernatremia in newborn/infant on supplementary formula feeding.

Dr. G.S. Latha, Professor

Attended national paediatric conference @ nagapur from 2nd to 6th January 2018. IYCF workshop on 3rd January 2018.

  • 1. 7th to 10th attended MET workshop. Onsite session April 2018 at Belgaum. (ACME 2017)
  • 2. 27th June 2018 BCw workshop went to belgaum as an observer for ACME.
  • 3. 31ST July 2018 went to Bangalore M.S. Medical Medical College “ sensitisation program” on Breastfeeding was arranged for all the Nursing staff from Bangalore.
  • 4. 1st 7th August 2018 World Breastfeeding Week. Various activities throughout the week, in the college, outside the college & in Davangere District.
  • 5. 18th August 2018 attended as a chief guest & guest lecture was delivered at St. Paul’s Convent Girls’ High School, PJ Extension Davangere.
  • 6. 28th August 2018 Breastfeeding awareness program was arranged at Maganur Basappa College, organized for B,Ed students.
  • 7. 14th September 2018 ‘’ Parenting Skills’’ workshop was arranged at BCHI on account of Madam Kesari B’day for all PG’s by District IAP branch.
  • 8. 30th August to 3rd September 2018 IYCF national conference at Belgaum. Talk was delivered at workshop on “Enough & not enough milk”.
  • 9. 19th to 22nd September 2018 MET workshop was arranged @ SSIMS&RC, participated as a resource person.
  • 10. 25th September 2018 workshop on VPD surveillance program & a talk on Pertussis was delivered to all the staff members & PG from the Dept of Paediatric, OBG, Pathology, Microbiology & Community Medicine.

Dr. Kumar G.M., Professor

  • 1. 25th September 2018 workshop on VPD surveillance program & a talk on Diphtheria was delivered to all the staff members & PG from the Dept of Paediatric, OBG, Pathology, Microbiology & Community Medicine.

Dr. S. Vinay Kumar, Assistant Professor

  • 1. 5th August 2018 went to Shivamoga, to deliver lecture on revised Baby friendly hospital initiative as a part of world breastfeeding week celebration.
  • 2. Attended revised medical education program conducted by medical education department from 19th to 22nd September 2018.

2013 Acadamic activities

  • Attended National TOT on Mission Uday 2013 workshop at Kolkata on 13th Jan 2013, as National trainer
  • Attended National Executive Board meeting on 16th, 17th Jan 2013 as Executive Board member from Karnataka.
  • Attended national Paediatric Conference and delivered talk on ‘Pneumonia in children’ as faculty on 19th Jan 2013 at Kolkata.
  • Participated as faculty during CME at Bellary IAP district Branch on 23-01-2013. Delivered talk on ‘Childhood Pneumonia and Current Vaccine.’
  • Delivered talk on ‘Asthma in Children’ during CME at Chitradurga on 24th Feb 2013.
  • Participated as faculty during National Conference on Paediatric allergy and applied immunology at Bangalore on 2nd and 3rd March 2013. Topic was ‘Indoor air Pollution’ Appointed as member of ‘Indian College of Paediatrics’ for the period 2013-2015 by National IAP, New Delhi.
  • Delivered talk on “Community Acquired Pneumonia” at Shivamogga Dist IAP CME in Infectious Diseases on 07-07-2013.
  • Attended workshop on “Safe injection practice” as National faculty at Bangalore BPS meet on 21-07-2013.
  • Attended Infectious disease CME at Bangalore organized by Karnataka State ID Chapter of IAP Chaired the Session on Typhoid symposium on 18-08-2013 at Hotel Atria.
  • Participated as faculty at National conference on “Paediatric education” held at Mangalore on 31st August to 1st September 2013. Delivered a talk on “What students expect from teachers”
  • Attended as National Certified PALS Instructor for 2 day Course for Postgradutes and Paediatricians at Hubli KIMS College on 30th & 31st august 2013.
  • Attended as a fuculity in the South Zone Neo-Nursing CNE, at BCHI & RC, JJMMC, Davangere, on 14-09-13 Spoke on “Prevention of Neonatal Nosocomial Infections- Strategies, EBM”
  • Attended as a National Certified Advanced NRP Instructor for IAP-NNF Neonatal Resuscitation Program, at BCHI & RC Davangere on 27-07-2013.
  • Attended Hands on Workshop on “Neonatal Cranial Ultrasound Scanning by Neonatologists” at Manipal Hospital, Bangalore on 10-08-2013.
  • Conducted “Annual CME in Neonatology – Recent Advances and Hot Topics in Neonatology” at SSIMS & RC on 20-07-2013 as Organising Secretary.
  • Attended National PALS Instructor certificate final course at St.John’s Hospital Bangalore on 6th & 7th April, with successful Outcome.
  • Attended as Chairperson in the CME on “Anti Viral Drugs’” in the field of Dermatalogy on 24th June 2013, in the Dept of Dermatology, SSIMS&RC.
  • Chaired a session in CME programme conducted by Dept of Ophthalmology on 25th May 2013, on SSIMS&RC, on Retinopathy of Prematurity.
  • Attended Annual CME On “Paediatric Nutrition” and “ Dr.Nirmala Kesaree Oration Lecture’” at BCHI & RC, Davangere On 29-06-2013, as chair person.
  • CME – “ASTHMA TRAINING MODULE” Organised by Dept of Pediatrics on 26-02-2012
  • 17th & 18th Sept.2011: Attended the State “Neocon 2011” Conference held at Mysore, participated as faculty during CME in Dental College delivered a speech on ‘Medication error’
  • 15th Nov. 2011: Attended national TOT Programme on “Office pre-paredness for Practicing Pediatrician” held at Bangalore & delivered lecture on ‘Approach to respiratory distresse
  • 14th -16th Oct.2011: Participated in State “PEDICON 2011” held at Bangakote & delivered the speech on “Wheezin less than 5 years” and chaired session on ‘Management of Shock in Children’
  • 17th Dec. 2011: Participated as faculty during ‘State Conference Paediatric in feeding as National Satellite – CME held at Hassan & delivered a speech on ‘Dengue fever’ what we need to know.’
  • 20th -22th Jan. 2012: Faculty during the National Paediatric Conference held at Delhi – Guargon “Paedicon 2012” The debate on Montelukast V/s Laba in Asthma management.
  • 18th Jan. 2012: Attended as faculty during “OPPE” National TOT Programme, held at Goargon & delivered a speech on ‘Intubation in children’
  • 20th Jan.2012: Attended National Meeting of HOD Cell of National IAP held at Goargon.
  • 3rd Feb.2012: Delivered a Radio Talk on ‘Dengue fever in child’ direct phone call organized by radio Programme, Chithradurga.
  • 29th Jan. 2012: Attended the Inaugural CME of Bangalore. Paediatric Society held at Hotel Atria in Bangalore.
  • 19-02-2012 Attended 1 day CME on ‘Childhood Asthma’ at Gadag with Dr.N.K.Kalappanavar and Dr.Gouli Chandrasekhar Asso Prof Dept of Paediatrics.
  • 18-03-2012 Attended ‘Panel Discussion on Childhood Asthma’ held at Mangalore.
  • 24-03-2012 Attended CME on ‘Approach to Childhood Respiratory Distress’ at Ranebennur.
  • 28-04-2012 Attended CME on ‘Approach to Childhood Respiratory Distress’ at Mysooru on 28-04-2012
  • 29-04-2012 Attended CME on ‘Respiratory failure in Childhhod’ held at Madikeri.
  • Participated as faculty at CME held at Shivamogga topic on Rationality in Paediatric Practic on 30th June & 1st July – 2012.
  • Participated as a guest speaker on 1st August 2012 in World Brest feeding week at SSIMS&RC Davangere.
  • Participated as National faculty & TOT at Mumbai, topic was Vaccinology on 19th & 20th August 2012.


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