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Pathology Dissertations:

Student Name Guided By Title Year
Dr. Shilpa. N. Dr. Shashikala. P. Cutaneous amyloidosis-histopathological study with emphasis on polarized microscopy 2012
Dr. Shridevi .S.H.2 Dr. Shashikala. P. Dr. Deepti Pruthvi (Co Guide) Histomorphological study of fallopian tubes. 2012
Dr. Shamila. Mohamed Ali Dr. Kavita G.U. Study of bone marrow morphology and haematological parameters in pancytopenia 2012
Dr. Swathi Garg Dr. Deepti Pruthvi Histomorphological features of endometrium in dysfunctional uterine bleeding 2012
Dr. Sujoy Kumar DE Dr. Shashikala. P Mast cell profile in prostatic lesions 2013
Dr. Udayashankar. K. Dr. Deepti Pruthvi. Histomorphological study of gall bladder lesions in cholecystectomies 2013
Dr. Chetan.K. Dr. Shashikala. P Non neoplastic lesions of ovary 2013
Dr. Shwetha Pai Dr. Kavita. Gowda. Umapathy. Histomorphological study of benign breast lesions 2013
Dr. Chethan Sagar. S Dr. Kavita. Gowda. Umapathy. Histomorphological study of benign breast lesions 2014
Dr. Reddy Kavitha Dr. Deepthi Pruthvi Cytology of bronchoalveolar lavage in paediatric age group 2014
Dr. Ankur Majumder Dr. P. Shashikala Evaluation of haematological profile in neonatal sepsis 2014
Dr. Laxmi Ronada Dr. P. Shashikala Haematological parameters in real time polymerase chain reaction positive dengue patients 2014
Dr. Sreevidyalatha. G. M Dr. Deepthi Pruthvi Prevalence of transfusion transmitted diseases and deferral criteria among voluntary and replacement blood donors 2015
Dr.Shwetha Kollur Dr. Shashikala. P Gastric mucosal changes in helicobacter pylori associated gastritis – A histopathological study 2015
Dr.Malashree Patil Dr. Kavita. Gowda. Umapathi Study of cytomorphological patterns of neoplastic breast lesions along with Robbinson’s cytological grading of invasive ductal carcinoma 2015
Dr. Shruti D. Pattanshetty Dr. Shashikala. P Histomorphology and histomorphometry of umbilical cord in PIH 2016
Dr. Asha Dr. Shashikala. P Urine sediment cytology in unstained wet mount preparation versus cytospin smears stained by papnicolau stain descriptive observational study. 2016
Dr. Ramya Nayak Dr. Kavita. Gowda. Umapathi Comparison of scrape cytology and histopathology of ovarian tumours. 2016
Dr. Nishanth B S Dr. Deepti Pruthvi Hematological parameters in Rickettsial fever patients 2016
Dr. Sanjay Kumar Yadav Dr Shashikala P Spectrum of Histomorphological lesions of appendix with special reference to mast cells and eosinophils 2017
Dr Mahesh Satapute Dr Shashikala P Histopathological study of skin biopsy in Tinea incognito. 2017
Dr Sruti Joy Dr Kavita G U Histomorphological study of lesions of the nasal cavity, paranasal sinuses and nasopharynx with special reference to mast cell profile. 2017
Dr Vinutha B Dr Deepti Pruthvi Sputum cytology in pulmonary diseases 2017
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