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Pharmacology Projetcs:

Sl. No. Staff Name Title Funding Agency with Ref. No.
1 Harish Kumar V S, Asst Prof. Effect of rosuvastatin as an anti-inflammatory agent in albino rats 2010-00115
2 Harish Kumar V S, Asst Prof. Evaluation of Anti-atherosclerotic and Anti-hyperlipidemic effects of Chromium Picolinate on Cafeteria-diet induced obesity in rats 2013-00073
3 Dr. Varun H.V., Postgraduate Prescribing patterns of antimicrobials in diabetic foot ulcer in a tertiary care hospital
4 Dr. Usha Rani D., Postgraduate Antinociceptive effect of antidepressants- An experimental evaluation into the possible role of ATP sensitive potassium channels in albino rats
5 Dr. Sangita G. Kamath, Postgraduate Study of anticonvulsant effect of simvastatin in maximal electro shock and pentylenetetrazole seizure models in albino mice
6 Dr. Ayesha Rubina, Postgraduate EEvaluation of anticonvulsant activity of eterocoxib in albino mice
7 Dr.Swetha.E.S, Postgraduate Evaluation of antidepressant activity of angiotensin receptor blockers in albino mice
8 Dr.DeepaPatil, Postgraduate Efficacy of oral supplimentation of probiotics in vulvo vaginal infections in a tertiary care hospital
9 Dr.Balaji V, Postgraduate Evaluation of anticonvulsant activity of nebivolol in albino mice
10 Dr.Geetha S, Postgraduate Study on antimicrobial usage pattern in neonatal sepsis in a tertiary care hospital
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