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Student Union: 2016

2016 |  2014

Student union inauguration was held on 24/04/2014 evening with Dr. S Parashivamurthy as our chief guest. The chief guest's talk mainly focussed on medical education system in India. He emphasised that doctor's need not just medical education, but knowledge about various other fields so as to improvise the system in India. He regretted about the malnutrition status in the country and advised all the doctors to work further for the betterment of the malnourished.

Student union president and our principal, Dr P Nagaraj, student union 2014 chairman, Dr Narendra S S, vice principals Dr Arunkumar A, Dr B S Prasad, Dr A M Shivkumar were also present at the event.

Beloved Principal hinted against politicizing the Union issues and stressed the need to maintain the clarity and sanctity of the atmosphere in the Union. Student Union representatives should be unbaised with secular approach. Student should be a platform for students to express their good talents and to learn leadership realities with good characters.

:: SSIMS & RC, Davangere ::