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A new era of healthcare has arrived. One that’s more personal than ever before. And we couldn’t have made these improvements without your feedback, your help and your inspiration.

24 Hours Emergency Care

Sudden illness or injury can occur, and while no one typically plans a trip to the Emergency Department.

Operation Theatre

We have operating theaters and it is equipped to conduct most advanced and complicated surgery.

CT & MRI Scanning

Use of CT & MRI scanning to diagnose diseases accurately & to detect how organs works inside your body.

24 Hours Pharmacy

Pharmacy is the science & technique of preparing, dispensing, and reviewing drugs and providing additional clinical services.

Blood Test

Blood tests are an important diagnostic tool for doctors looking to help you stay in your best health.

Intensive Care Unit

Our ICU provides specialised treatment given to patients who are acutely unwell and require critical medical care.

We bring the change to your health.

SSIMS & RC is committed to changing healthcare for the better. And we're leading the way – bringing together the highest level of skill with a more personalized approach to care. We're answering your questions. Listening and learning. And putting plans in motion. And it will change everything.

Distribution of Beds:

Specialty Total No. of Teaching Beds / Units Remarks
(a) Medicine & Allied Specialties Beds Units
(i) General Medicine 210 7
(ii) Paediatrics 120 4
(iii) Respiratory Medicine 30 1
(iv) Dermatology 30 1
(v) Psychiatry 30 1
Total 420 14
(b) Surgery & Allied Specialties
(i) General Surgery 210 7
(ii) Orthopaedics 120 4
(iii) Ophthalmology 60 2
(iv) Oto-rhino-laryngology 60 2
Total 450 15
(c) OBG 120 4
(d) Emergency Medicine 30 1
Total 150 5
Grand Total 1020 34
(e) Super Speciality Depts.
(i) DM Cardiology 30 1
(ii) DM Neurology 30 1
(iii) M.Ch Urology 30 1
(iv) M.Ch Plastic Surgery 30 1
Grand Total 1140 38
(f) ICUs
(i) ICCU 15
(ii) ICU 15
(iii) Surgical ICU 15
(iv) PICI 15
(v) NICU 15
(vi) Obstetric HDU/ICU 15
Total 90
(G) Casualty 25
Grand Total 1255 38


  • To provide need based health care to all sections of the population. Continuous efforts are being made to meet the new challenges of medical diagnosis and treatment
  • To establish super Speciality health care to changing patterns of disease which would also orientate the students to modern technologies.
  • To prepare students in knowledge, skills and attitudes required for the humanitarian and altruistic practice of medicine.
  • To promote excellence in health care through research and post graduate training.
  • The school is preparing to extend the facility to train Foreign Nationals in Basic and speciality Health care.
  • Modern hostel facilities to meet international standards so as to provide favourable atmosphere for learning and training.
  • To provide full-fledged E-learning and telemedicine

General Objectives

At the end of the training Period the students should be able:

  • To recognize health for all as a national goal.
  • To understand the importance of National health policies and implement them.
  • To Develop skills and level of competence to practice Medicine in Preventive, Curative and rehabilitative aspects of common health aliments.
  • To make students competent in diagnosis and management of common Medical problems.
  • To implement and practice community health and understand disease in its Natural settings.
  • To develop the attitude to seek further expertise and to perceive research in chosen areas.
  • To enable students to work under variety of Health Care settings.
  • To develop personal integrity, responsibility and concern for fellow Human beings

Our Values:

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Our Core Hospital Services That We Offer.

SSIMS & RC offers unparalleled clinical care, backed by advanced research and expertise in all medical disciplines. This newly established system provides patients with the full range of clinical care specialties and treatments, as well as a vast network of facilities. Explore our Service Areas below and discover the SSIMS & RC difference.

  • Ear, Nose and Throat
  • Neurology
  • Diabetes
  • Gastroenterology
  • Ophthalmology
  • Neurosurgery
  • Orthopaedics
  • Urology
  • Psychiatry
  • Lung & Pulmonology
  • Heart - Cardiology & cardiovascular Surgery

SSIMS & RC is the place to build your medical career.

We offer over 20+ courses to choose to become a great medical practitioner.