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Our Committees

Our Committees

Anti-Ragging Committee

Anti-Ragging Committee will be the Supervisory and Advisory Committee in preserving a culture of ragging free environment in the college campus.

Our Committees

College Council Committee

College Council is a collegial, consultative, and oversight body to serve the good of the College. This facilitates timely, factual, and clear communication between constituents.

Our Committees

Curriculum Committee

The Curriculum Committee shall discuss and recommend proposals affecting the academic program of the College, including but not limited to course proposals.

Our Committees

Department of Medical Education

The Department of Medical Education plays a pivotal role in developing medical and para-medical personnel to cater to the health needs of the people.

Our Committees

Disciplinary Committee

The committee takes care of all disciplinary issues pertaining to the student. We hear and adjudicate upon individual cases of alleged breaches of the student’s code of conduct.

Our Committees

Hospital Infection Control Committee

This committee involves in planning, monitoring, evaluating, updating, educating. It sets general infection control policy & provides input into specific infection control issues.

Our Committees

Institutional Animal Ethics Committee

IAEC accords quality and consistency in review of research proposals and to prevent infliction of unnecessary pain & sufferings before, during and after experiments on animals.

Our Committees

Pharmacovigilance Committee

This Committee is here to oversee various Pharmacological aspects of Drug administration & subsequent patient compliance in a teaching hospital wherein Medical College is proposed to be established.

Our Committees

Research Cell

The Research Cell will be responsible for developing research plans, information, mechanisms that benefit research related activities & implementing those plans and mechanisms.

Our Committees

Institutional Ethics Review Board [IERB]

IERB is a body comprising of medical / scientific and / non-scientific members like Bio medical experts, scientific experts, statisticians, clinical research experts, legal experts, social workers and also lay persons, whose responsibility is to verify the protection of the rights, safety and well-being of human subjects involved in a study. The IERB review provides public reassurance by objectively, independently and impartially reviewing and approving the protocol based on ethical and scientific aspects, the suitability of the investigator(s), facilities, materials to be used for obtaining and documenting “Informed Consent” of the study subjects and adequacy of confidentiality safeguards.

Benefits of PG

  • Gives you a clearer specialisation and direction.
  • Financial, career-based and personal development gains.
  • Helping people to live healthy
  • You're much needed for society
  • You can bring your contribution through Medical research
  • Having a great social status

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