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Guide Name Department Student Name Topic Year Reference #
Dr. Soumya B.A Physiology Mr. Karthik P Kumar The effect of musical training (vocal) on Brainstem Evoked Response udiometry 2016 ICMR-STS/KA /BMS/2016- 02431
Dr. VinodKumar C.S Microbiology Ms Neethu Sunny Utility of Real Time Polymerase chain reaction for the early diagnosis of extra-pulmonary tubercular disease 2016 ICMR-STS/KA /BMS/2016- 02523
Mr. Harish Kumar Pharmacology Ms Tejashree P Effect of chromium picolinate on cell proliferation 2016 ICMR-STS/KA /BMS/2016-02051
Dr. Gayatri L. Patil OBG Mr. Sushan K Evaluation of waste management practices in labour room 2015 ICMR-STS/KA /BMS/2015- 04091
Dr. Linganagouda S. Patil Oncosurgery Ms. Hemanthi Reddy Assessing psychosexual disturbance in survivors of breast cancer – Post mastectomy females and their life partners 2015 ICMR-STS/KA /BMS/2015- 04200
Dr. A.M Shivakumar ENT Ms. Sonika Bindu P Comparative analysis of the microbial flora and antibiotic sensitivity on day 1 and day 7 after tracheostomy 2015 ICMR-STS/KA /BMS/2015- 04665
Dr. Sunil S. Byadagi Surgery Ms. Meenukrishnan Evaluation of serum calcium levels after total thyroidectomy – our experience at SSIMS & RC 2015 ICMR-STS/KA /BMS/2015- 04672
Dr. Nagaraj Mallashetty Anatomy Ms. Meghana K.S Maternal anthropometry as a predictor of newborn’s health 2015 ICMR-STS/KA /BMS/2015- 01973
Dr. Santhosh Bhosale Anatomy Ms. Jasna Karim Study of nutrient foramina of humerus in central Karnataka population 2015 ICMR-STS/KA /BMS/2015- 01659
Dr. Malatesh Undi Community Medicine Ms Sindhu Rajasekhar A cross sectional study on assessing knowledge and skill of anganwadi workers in growth monitoring in an urban slum of central part of Karnataka 2015 02741
Dr. Vijaykumar Jatti Forensic Ms. Pragnya Rao Stature estimation from radiological length of femur in a sample of south indian adults. 2014 ICMR-STS/KA /BMS/2014-02658
Dr. Chandrashekhar Karpoor Physiology Mr. Ashrith Muralidhar Auditory evoked potentials in medical students with poor academic performance: A co-relative study 2014 ICMR-STS/KA /BMS/2014-01442
Dr. Soumaya B.A Physiology Mr. Vikas A Reddy Effect of limb dominance on peripheral nerve conduction and the speed of information processing 2014 ICMR-STS/KA /BMS/2014-00976
Dr. VinodKumar C.S Microbiology Ms. Shubha V Hegde Analysis of Infections in skin graft patients in a tertiary health care centre 2014 ICMR-STS/KA /BMS/2014-02189
Dr. Shwetha J.H. Pathology Ms. Nikita Repaka Awareness of carcinoma cervix among first year medical students in Davangere. 2014 ICMR-STS/KA /BMS/2014-00515
Dr. Sonam S. Nandyal Pathology Mr. Vidhushi Sahagal Pattern and prevalence of thrombocytopenia in neonates 2014 ICMR-STS/KA /BMS/2014-00529
Dr. Deepti Pruthvi Pathology Mr. Raghuvaran. M. Hand washing - A corner stone for infection control. 2014 ICMR-STS/KA /BMS/2014-00530
Dr. Swapnali Biochemistry Ms. Zeba Anjum Effect of yoga pranayama practices and anthropometry in type 2 diabetes mellitus 2013 ICMR-STS/KA /BMS/2013-03306
Dr. Suneeta Kalasuramath Physiology Mr. Malay Kumar Prevalence of Byssinosis in women working in cotton mills, Davangere 2013 ICMR-STS/KA /BMS/2013-00492
Dr. Ravi Kiran Kissan Physiology Ms. Abhigna Kulkarni U Cardiac autonomic function and exercise response in hypertensive and non-hypertensive off springs 2013 ICMR-STS/KA /BMS/2013-00673
Dr. Mallikarjuna C.R Biochemistry Ms. Gujju Study of insulin and its association with metabolic syndrome in school going children 2013 ICMR-STS/KA /BMS/2013-00990
Dr. Ayesha Siddiqua N C A Community Medicine Ms. Pratibha S Study of the impact of Menstrual practices on the health of adolescent girls and challenges faced in menstrual hygiene management at School 2013 ICMR-STS/KA /BMS/2013-01238
Dr. Kavita G.U. Pathology Ms. Anisha Bindgi Knowledge, attitude & practices of laboratory waste management amongst staff of a teaching hospital. 2013 ICMR-STS/KA /BMS/2013-02298
Dr. Manjula A Pathology Ms. Sneha Srinivas Formalin health hazards and safety concerns in students of anatomy in a medical college in India 2012 ICMR-STS/KA /BMS/2010-00164
Dr. Yogeesha Babu KV Microbiology Mr. Jayanth S.S Study of carriers of Pseudomonas aeruginosa, Klebsiella and Acinetobacter sps among health care workers from intensive care units in tertiary care hospital 2012 ICMRSTS/KA/BMS/2012-01925
Dr. Pyagati Vishnu Chavan Community Medicine Mr. Debjyoti Datta A study on awareness about RNTCP and DOTS guidelines among health care professionals of tertiary care hospital, Davangere 2012 ICMRSTS/KA/BMS/2012-02329
Dr. Niranjan H.P Microbiology Ms. Priyanka B.V Study of Onycohomycosis in South India 2012 ICMRSTS/KA/BMS/2012-03114
Dr. Ashwin Kumar Community Medicine Ms. Pallavi Pai Study of unmet needs for family planning among married women of reproductive age group attending on immunization clinic in Davangere; A cross sectional study 2012 ICMRSTS/KA/BMS/2012-02343
Dr. VinodKumar C.S Microbiology Mr. Ashrith Bhatt Prevalence of burn wound infections with aerobic and anaerobic bacteria and their antimicrobial susceptibility pattern at tertiary care hospital. 2012 ICMRSTS/KA/BMS/2012-02851
Mr. Harish Kumar V.S Pharmacology Ms. Baleed Sindhura Reddy Evaluation of Anti-atherosclerotic and Anti-hyperlipidemic effects of Chromium Picolinate on Cafeteria-diet induced obesity in rats 2012 ICMR-STS/KA /BMS/2012-00073
Dr. Swapnali Biochemistry Mr. Neetish A study of ABO blood Group & Rh typing in IHD patients& around Davangere. 2011 ICMR-STS/KA /BMS/2011-02096
Dr. Deepti Pruthvi Pathology Ms. Samhita Shankar The need for computerised interblood bank blood donor deferral registry - An evaluation 2011 ICMR-STS/KA /BMS/2011-03352
Dr. Vidhya M Nadiger Physiology Mr. V.Vikar Study of reaction time in chronic mobile users 2010 ICMR-STS/KA /BMS/2010-02022
Dr. K.G. Basavarajappa Microbiology Mr. Ajay R Hurdles encountered in DOTS therapy 2010 ICMR-STS/KA /BMS/2010-00530
Dr. Prasad B.K Physiology Ms. Ashika B.L Study of diurnal variation of pulmonary function test 2010 ICMR-STS/KA /BMS/2010-00164
Dr. VinodKumar C.S Microbiology Ms. Gowri E. Naganur Bacteriophage: An alternative disinfectant 2010 ICMR-STS/KA /BMS/2010-00127
Mr. Harish Kumar V.S Pharmacology Mr. Dharamveer Gurjar Effect of rosuvastatin as an anti-inflammatory agent albino rats 2010 ICMR-STS/KA /BMS/2010-00115
Dr. Jagannath Kumar Dermatology &Venereology Mr. Bharat Sharma A clinical and etiological study of primary and secondary pyodermas 2010 ICMR-STS/KA /BMS/2010-00200
Dr. VinodKumar C.S Microbiology Ms. Anushree S Targeting drug resistant bacteria with bacteriophage 2009 ICMR-STS/KA /BMS/2009-96
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