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Training Programs - Radiology

Radiology's Training Programs:

Dr. Veeresh U Purad
  • MRI artifacts: State IRIA conference, KARRADCON-2018, Davangere, 2018.
  • CT Artifacts: State IRIA conference, MYRAD -2019, Mysore, 2018.
  • Bubbly lung disease: KCR conference, Seoul, south korea,2019.
Paper presentation:
  • Use of DWI in differentiation of benign and malignant focal liver lesions - State IRIA conference, MYRAD -2019, Mysore, 2018.
Dr. Krishnapriya Raj
  • Neuroimaging in pregnancy and post-partum period: a pictorial review, State IRIA conference, KARRADCON-2018, Davangere, 2018.
  • A PICTORIAL ESSAY OF NEUROPATHIC ARTHROPATHY, 72nd Annual Conference of Indian Radiological & Imaging Association, PGIMER, Chandigarh
Paper presentation:
  • Role of diffusion –weighted magnetic resonance in diagnosis of early sacroilitis, 72nd Annual Conference of Indian Radiological & Imaging Association,PGIMER, Chandigarh.
  • Role of CT in loco-regional staging of carcinoma of esophagus-our experience, 72nd Annual Conference of Indian Radiological & Imaging Association, PGIMER, Chandigarh.
Dr. Gautham Reddy
  • Value of Adding Portal Vein Doppler with Ultrasound in Dengue Fever- What we need to know? MYRAD 2019,Mysore
Paper presentation:
  • Effect of Sistocholedochal Angle in the formation of Cholelithiasis- kcr2019,seoul.south korea.
  • Characterization of Adnexal Masses using simple international ovarian tumor analysis rules (iota) and subjective pattern recognition- kcr2019,seoul.south korea.
  • The history of fetal imaging-karradcon2018,davangere
Dr. Royce D’sa
  • "Neuroimaging in pregnancy and postpartum period: a pictorial review" during IRIA 2019 Chandigarh.
Paper presentation:
  • "Diagnostic criteria for pulmonary thrombo embolism on plain CT chest images: A retrospective study" during IRIA 2019 Chandigarh.
  • Computed tomographic evaluation of solid organ injuries in blunt abdominal trauma" during IRIA 2019 Chandigarh.
  • ‘Imaging of soft tissue vascular malformations’– A Pictorial Review.
  • ‘In and out of Adrenal incidentalomas’ – A Radiological approach.
  • ‘Imaging of neck spaces and relevant neck lesions’ – A Pictorial review.
Paper presentation:
  • ‘Isolated unilateral absence of pulmonary artery – A very rare entity.
  • ’MAGIC DR’ – Cerebral ring enhancing lesions.
  • Diagnostic role of combined MR spectroscopy & DWI in Intracranial Neoplasm.
Paper presentation:
  • Overview of Orbited Pathologies by MRI.
  • Role of MRI in Congenital spinal anomalies.
Dr. Shashank
  • Neuroimaging in Pregnancy & Post Partum period : A Pictorial Review.@ state conference 2020 (RADCON – MANGALORE).
  • Diagnostic accuracy of penile Doppler in evaluation of erectile dysfunction @ State conference 2020 (RADCON – MANGALORE).
Paper presentation:
  • Posterior fossa tumors in Pediatric age group : A Pictorial review @ State Conference 2020 (RADCON – MANGALORE).
  • Unilateral agenesis of pulmonary artery – A Rare case. @ State Conference 2020 (RADCON – MANGALORE).
Dr.Mehathab Bava
  • Rotator cuff injury ; Accuracy of USG when compared to MRI. - Karavali Radcon March 2020
Paper presentation:
  • Overview of orbital Pathologies by MRI – My Rad 2019 Mysore.
  • Overview of Skeletal Dysplasia. – Karavali Radcon 2020 Mangalore.
Dr. Mythri Nag
  • MRI findings in toxic encephalopathies. Karavali Radcon 2020 Mangalore.
  • Signs in musculoskeletal imaging. Karavali Radcon 2020 Mangalore.
Dr.Prasanna Kumar
  • Step by step approach in idiopathic intracranial Hypotension.
  • Radiographic artifacts. Karavali Radcon 2020 Mangalore.
Dr. Arpit Pandey
  • Adrenal lesions – what radiologist needs to know. Karavali Radcon 2020 Mangalore.
  • Anatomic Variants and anomalies of intracranial arteries . Karavali Radcon 2020 Mangalore.

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